Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mattupetty Dam-one of the finest picnic spot in Kerala

Mattupetty is van enjoyable picnic spot in Kerala .this place is about 13 KM from Munnar. The picturesque. Greenish valley with Sorrounding Cool location is an ideal place for enjoying Summer Vacation. Thevmain attraction in the area is the Mattupetty Dam which is a concrete gravity Dam. The dam was constructed as early as in 1940,Under the Pallivasal Hydro project with a view to ensuring Water conservation and Electricity Generation.This dam is now a vital source for Electricity in Munnar area.here one can find many wild animals & beautiful birds all along the year as a result of the constant water availability. In fact,the most attractive part of the Dam is it's still water which gives a picturesque view of the reflection of the surrounding Tea gardens. The District Tourism Promotion Council of Idukki( Munnar) organize adventure water sports like Speed boating for tourists to enjoy.The adventure Sports lovers can also avail of facilities like trekking in the Shola Forest. Amidst the Hills surrounded by Tea Gardens,the Shola forests lays a beautiful lake just a few miles away from the . Mattupetty Dam. The lovers of tranquillity,imperturbability can take one to a world of peace far different from the noise polluted Cities of India and abroad.Here there are also endless options to go for boosting oneself or join organizers of Different kinds of boatings like Motorboating,pedal boating,Speed boating or row boating. Incidentally,Matupetty is also sometimes called " CATTLE VILLAGE" .the reason is obvious. In the year1963 as a part of A bilateral agreement between India& Swiss Governments,a Live stock project was launched in order to promote Cattle Farms.Now,one can see hundreds of varieties of high yielding cattles in the farm.The sight of cattle gazing Freely in the hills of the wide farm is a tourist attraction which one could relish and remember as sweet memories of lifeb for a long time to come. This farm is around three kilometers away from the Matupetty Dam.This farm is understood to have been dedicated t o the cattle development and Reasearch centre of the government of Switzerland. However,presently the project is being handled by the Kerala Livestock Development& Milk marketing board. The best time to visit the Dam and the peaceful surroundings is between August& May. So why and what are you waiting for?.The summer vacation is here.Why don't you plan a visit to this small town which provides everything peaceful and enjoyable with your family and children?. Sreedharan Mundanat 5th May 2015.

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  1. In line 14 from above the term " boosting" may kindly beread as " Boating" although boosting also fits in the context but wasn't the intention
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