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Thchikkottukavu Bhagavathi Temple and Mahadeva Temple,Peramsngslsm

Mahadeva Temple near to Bhagavathy Temple:
Vela Images:
The Techikkottukavu Bhagavathy /Bhadrakali Temple is situated at Peramangalam 10 Km away from Thrissur Town on the Highway to Guruvayur and Kozhikode.The nearby land mark is the Durgavilasam Higher secondary School and the newly inaugurated Devaswam College. A brief history of the Temple can be narrated as under: Perathrikkavu,Thechikkottukavu,Poothirikkavu Devaswam control the three Temples in Peramasngalam and is well maintained in all respects in regard to conduct of Poojas,Utsavams and all matters relating to a temple according to Hindu customs. Perathrikkavu is supposed to be 1400 years old.Lord Rama as he returned after killing Ravana is consecrated here.The place where this Temple is situated used to be called Veeramangalam which later on became Peramangalam.The main festival is celebratedIn the malayalam month of Vrishchikam(Scorpio)Karkidakam(cancer) month is celebrated as Ramayan month as is being done everywhere.This month is special for this Temple where Annadanam is performed daily.More than 1000 people at least take part in this event daily on an average. Thechikkottukavu Temple is one of the most famous Temples in Kerala.Goddess Parasakthi is present here in the forms of Durga and Kali.Before Goddess Kali set off to destroy the Demon Darikan,Goddess Durga is stated to have advised a famous Manthram in her right ear.The idol is self originated(Swayambhoo)The place where the Temple is exixting now happened to be a Forest of Kanjiram trees(Whch bears fruit with extreme bitter taste "Kaippu").One woman is believed to have come to cut grass from the place.She sharpened her sickle(Arival) on a stone and to her dismay the stone started bleeding.The woman got frightened on seeing blood and ran away from the place after covering the bleeding stone with her basket.On hearing this news people initiated Astrological consultation when it was revealed that the stone carried the Power of Durga and a nearby stone the power of Bhadrakali.Both the Goddesses Durga and Kali were installed there and a Temple built and this T%emple later on known as the present Thechkkottukavu Bhagavathy Temple.There after the rituals followed here was fo Goddess Durga and the celebrations for Goddess Kali. Since thenon the first tuesday of every Malayalam month "Karyasadya Pooja"is conducted for Goddess Durga and every first friday "AiswaryaPooja" forGoddess Bhadrakali.The most important celebration for Goddess Durga is on star Karthika in the month of Vrishikam.The pooram and Vela celebrated in the month of Makaram and is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. Here in Thechikkottu kavu Temple the Pooram conducted is known as Aanapooram which indicates the importance of Elephants in the Pooram.Elephants are converted into Caprisoned Elephants with the presence of Golde colored Ornaments,Nettipattam,Aalavattam and Venchamaram. on the Elephant in the middle is the one lucky elephant who carries the Thidambu. for more than 30 years this lucky elephant happened to be Techikkottu Ramachandran who is very famous for his peculia features for a first class elephant.His "Thalyeduppu" when selected to carry the Thidasmbu is astonishingly awsome.He is one of the most beautiful elephants in Kerala. in fact it is the previlege of Thechikkottu Ramachandran to open the Gopuram of Vadakkumnathan Temple to mark the beginning of world famous Thrissur Pooram.The Ezhunnallippu on the Pooram day is accompanied by Panchavaadyam an event which makes hearing it a divine pleasure.The Pachavaadyam is followed by the Chendamelam of the best group available.This also is a feast for the Melam lovers.There are expert men on the back of the elephants standing to show Aalavattom and Venchamaram to add to the beauty of the procession.The melam takes a pradakshinam inside the Temple with Thechikkottu Ramachandran with Thidambu and on completion Ramachandran lowers himself to enable the Thirumeni to come down and take the idol inside the Temple PARA in the Temple is an important offering in Thechikkottu Kavu Temple.Any time one can offer Para to the Temple.PARA is a measure of grain in a wooden vessel equivalent to 10 Edangazhi grains. Any one can offer Para in the name of anyone else or for himself. When the yearly Pooram approaches More people come to theTemple to offer Para.One need not bring grains to offer Para.The Templw will offer grains the cos of which the devotee can pay for that There is a processof the Para in which the Temple employees come to houses to accept para.a schedule is prepared in advance with reference to the people who are willing to offer Para.According to the list days before the Pooram Para procession from Temple visit houses.some house owners offer food for the Para procession from the Temple.For this also a list is prepared in advance and distributed among the residents of the area.These method of Para is doing a favour for residents to keep up communal harmony in tact.The entire village is in perfect unity in matters relating to the Temple The Mahadeva Temple near Thechikkottu Kavu Temple: In this Temple all Poojas relating to any siva Temple is performed regularly . Shivaratri is the most important festival in Mahadeva Temple.Devotees visiting the Thechikkottu kavu Temple invariaby visit Mahadeva Temple also to get the Blessings of Lord Shiva. In both the Temples there is dress code.No one can visit wearing Pant,Shirt or Lungi at the Temple.However ,this condition is relaxed only on the Pooram day. SreedharanMundanat 12th December 2017 Thrissur 680 oo4

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