Monday, December 4, 2017

Karnimata Temple Rajastan

: karnimata is a very famous Temple in the state of Rajastan. This Temple is also popularly known as RatTemple The feature that distinguishes this Temple from other Temples is that It is considered as the Home for over 20,000rats .These sacred Rats are being protected here just as in the case of other living beings. The exact location of this Temple is at Deshnoke ,approximately 30 KM away from Bikaner. It is widely believed that Karnimatha was a sage Lady who was born in 1837 in the Charan Caste of Hindus. So apparently the Temple is totally dedicated to the Karnimata sage. She was also the official Diety of the Royal families of Jodpur &Bikaner Very often Karnimata is also known as Narimata.There is a valid reson behind it..Karnimata Was married to a man called Kipoj Charan of Sathika Village.But after marriage Karnimata refused to engage in any sort of postmatrimonial relationship with her husband. In order to overcome the the agony of resistance caused to Kipoj by Karnimata ,she wisely opted for a viable solution of getting her sister Gulab married to Kipoj.This suggestion/ Solution being acceptable to Kipoj both began married life Thereafter Karnimata lived rest of her life In Celebacy. It is,however,believed that in 1538 when she was returning to Deshnog with her stepson Poonjar and other followers She asked the Caravan to stop at a place near Gadiyal and Girirajsar in the Bikaner District She was 151 years old then. At this place she did a vanishing act and disappeared. In this sacred Temple it is estimates that There are at least over 20,000 black Rats & they represented the 200000 Army men who deserted during war who according to the laws were liable to get executed. Also the large number of Men deserted were allowed to live as Rats instead of undergoing the death punishment by Karnimata Mata.Even though the present strength of rats are around 1000,surprisingly noincidents Plague reported from the area.It is also said even when rats die no foul smell emerges from their dead bodies. Another surprising fact is that if any rat is killed by anyone such rats are to be replaced by Golden rats with equivalent weight of the dead rat The Golden rats replaced this way adds to the wealth of the Temple. Surprisingly,among the large number of Black rats there are a few white rats also . They are considered to be the supremely Holy rats of Karnimata
Thus this Temple has many surprising features prescribed by the Karnimata long ago People around Karnimata Temple believe that the rats in the Temple are their Ancestors Any ways in India this Temple is a paridise for rats.People visit this Temple of Mysteries for relief from their ailments. Belief is the essence of worshippers. After all belief is the basis for everything happening to everyone. This place is a big tourist attraction.In order to reach there one will have to take 40 minutes drive southb of Bikaner. ( Courtsey:Details obtained from Internet) Sreedharan Mundanat 5th of December 2017

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