Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mammiyoor Mahadeva Temple,Guruvayoor

Mammiyur Temple also known as Mamiyur Shiva Temple or Mamiyur Mahadeva Temple is situated about 200 meters north west to the world famous Guruvayur Temple in Thrissur Distr,Kerala. The unique feature of the Mamiyur Temple is that the Temple enshrines the idol of Lord Vishnu in a Sanctum Sanctorum next to that of Shiva.Mamiyur Shiva Temple is the only Temple where Lord Shiva&Lord Vishnu are worshipped in equalm Status.It is believed that the pilgrimage of Guruvayur Temple would be incomplete if the Mamiyur Shiva Temple is not visited. As a shortcut to avoid the Blessings from Guruvayur many people especially local people make a salutation to the Shiva from the Left Bhagavathy Temple while they perform a Pradakshinam in the Bhagavathy Kshetram in the first turning point.This is a very common sight. But most of the people from outside are told by the guides to visit Mamitur Temple.Inspite of this many miss Mamiyur Temple and returs\n withe divine feeling of having achieved full Blessings from Lord Guruvayurappan.Unfortunately there are no sign boads to let the devotees to know this in Guruvayur Temple.However, as almost all devotees do visit the Temple every Malayalam month the blessings from the Lordc do not go missing for Devotees. There is even a procedure to visit the Guruvayur Lord on the last day of Malayalam month and stay overnight to visit next day so that 2 months Blessings can be achieved in two days. The hotel industry in Guruvayur get the benefit of two days stay by devotees instead of one. There is a legend thatafter the departure of Lord Krishna to Vaikunnda at the end of his AVATAR , the abode of Dwaraka was swollowed by the sea.His own Vigraha idol designed by Himself was floating on the waves.Planet Jupiter and Vayu Bhagavan found the idol and was searching for a place for the installation of the idol.They came to Kerala which was created by Lord Parasurama and chose the bank of Rudratheertha which was the then home of Lord Shiva. In Mamiyur Temple excluding two months of June and July and part of August the temle celebrates various kinds of festivals during the remaining months of the year.Lalith SahasraNama Archana is performed in a grand manner on the Saraswathy Pooja day during the months of September -OctoberChildren from all parts of India gather here to participaten in the Sangeetharchana event Aksharabhyasa which denotes the beginning of Schooldays of children also takes place on Saraswathy Pooja Day. Special Poojas are performed in the Temple on Shivaratri day which usually falls in the months of of February-March of the year. There are shrines for LordsMahavishnu,Ganapathy,Muruga(Subramanian),Dharma sastha,Brahmarakhas in this Temple Shrines for Serpent God and Mother Bhagavathy are also avilable here and Poojas are performed. Mamiyur Temple is the only one Temple in which a special Pooja on name Rig veda Dhara chanting Mantras from Rig veda is performed in India as far as avilable knowledge goes.Any one who knowsv any more Temple performingb this Pooja may kindly offer such information as necessae=ry for devotees to relish.This Pooja is generally performed between 6-45 and 7-15 in the morning.Devotees can participate in this pooja by paying the stipulated rates notified in the Temple.Ganapathy Homams of higher rates and lower rats are performed on option from a Devotee on any selected day with advance booking. An added attraction in this Temple is the Murals paintings .in fact there is a rare picture of Visnu in Ananthasayanam pose with Lakshmi near the head of Bhagvan and Bhoomidevi at the feet which could not be found in any shop in Guruvayur , Thiruvanantha puram or elsewhere. on enquiry when I was entrusted with the job by my Late Cheriyamma .Finally the picture shown as last in the photos above was got from the iside Mural paintings of Mamiyur Temple.Later on I found the photo in one of the hotels in the western Nada also. That is Nostalgia.So next time you visit Guruvayur Temple kindly make it a point of visiting Mamiyur Temple also so as to become receipiemnts of all Blessings from Guruvayurappan as well as Lord Shiva also. A similar Temple is existing in Mundur between Kecheri and Thrissur towns in Kerala. Ohm!Nama:Sivaya! Sreedharan Mundanat 17th December2017 at Thrissur.

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