Friday, December 8, 2017

Chengannur Mahadeva Temple

U The Mahadeva Temple at Chengannur Kerala,is one of the oldest Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.Chengannur Mahadeva and Bhagavathi temple Is situated in Chengannuer of Alapuzha District.The Temple is sometimes called Chengannur Bhagavathy Temple also as the Temple is one of the 108 Sakthi peedhas Dedicated to Goddess shri Parvathi. The unique feature of the Temple is the festival is called Thriputhirattu which is the symbol of Fertility. Thevname Chengannur is formed from the word ThruchenKunrur& is one of the ancient Shrines related to Mahabharata. Chengannur is alonknown as thevgateway to the famous Shri Dharmasastha shrine at Sabarimala It is believed the ChengannurvTemple is situated in the Land under the possession of Nayanar Pillai of saiva community who was one of the 64 Nayanars of that time.Curran de Kutty an was the ruler Of the ancient Chera Regime.At that the language spoken at Chengannur was Tamil and this period was called Sangha Period. The Temple deities are Lord Shiva facing East and Goddess Parvathy facing west. The main shrine is conical in shape and copper plated.An alloy of five metals called Panchaloha is used for the idol of Goddess Parvathy. The Shiva Lingam is covered with a gold plate with the image of Ardhanareeswara(the Shiva-.Sakthi manifestation of Lord Shiva). Othervshrines in the Temple complex are dedicated ton Lord Ganesha,Dharmasastha(Lord Ayyappa),Chandikeswaran,,Neelagreevan,Ganga & Nagar.A shrine for Sreekrishna is alsoN located in the nearby area. There are a a few legends over the Temple located here.these legendscare extremely interesting to know. 1) it says that subsequent to Daksha's sacrifice,Lord Vishnu severed the body of Sati(Goddess Parvati)into pieces which scattered over different places..These places are called sakhti Peethas.Accordingly,Itbis believed that the reproductive organ of Goddess Sati's body fell at the place where the Temple is located. 2)According to yet another legend,Goddess Bhagavathi is believed to be Kannaki,a legendary Tamil woman of famous Shilapathikaram( one of the ancient epics of five Tamil Literature).it is said that Chenkunnu was the spot in Cheranadu(Ancient Tamil Dynasty) where she observed Penances under a tree after burning up the city of Madurai. The king Senkuttuvan of Chera Dynasty is said to have brought a stone from Himalayas carved her image & declared itsacred as Chenkamala valli. This legend is the same as Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple. One of the interesting festivals of Chengallur Temple is called Thriputharattu festival.This festival is celebrated only in Chengannur Temple alone which also make it a Unique Temple. This festival is strikingly and interestingly related to the Menstruation and is being celebrated here periodically.Once the sign is observed in the gesture( Udayada)of Goddess Parvati it is removed by the main priest( Melsanthi) every morning.He examines the Vesture and if he feels any sign of Thriputhu( Period)hands over the Vesture to Devaswam officials and then verified by the Abbess( Senior woman)Of the Monestery.Once the Abbess confirms it,Devi's shrine will be closed for three days and the worship offered to another image of the Goddess in another spot of the Temple. The idol of the Goddess Devi is taken to the nearby River on the fourth day and Aarattu ( Holy bath) is performed. This ceremony is known as Thriputharattu.Later on the Goddess Devi is taken back to the Temple on an Elephant. The idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Parvati are taken in processionaround the Temple three times and later on Lord Shiva enters the shrine through Eastern side and the Goddess Devi through the western side. Owing to this festival ,the Chengannur Mahadeva Temple is world famous.In fact,this is the only Temple in India where this kind of Amazing Phenomenon is prevailin.This makes this temple unique in every respect. It is understood that the British general Mr.Mekaley who was the Devaswam head had a DFarshan in this Temple and had certified the Unique nature of the Temple. He is understood to have appreciated the Unique feature of the Temple and enhanced grant for the Temple ten times more . His wife is understood to have offered in appreciation a Diamond ring for the Devi which it is said is being keptsafely by the Temple Authority. Thus, time and again confirms the belief that "There is no Shiva without Sakthi" Ohm!Nama:Sivaya. Amme!MahaMaye! Sreedharan Mundanat 9th December 2017 at Thrissur,Kerala

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