Friday, April 24, 2015


Cholestrol is a fatlike substance in the body.Most of the Cholestrol in our body is produced in the Lever.However, Some of them come from the food we eat also.The body needs some Cholestrol like sugar as it is important for the Body's membrane to produce certain Hormones.This helps act as insulation for our Nerves.Cholestrol also aids In The manufacture of Bile( which is stored in the Gallbladder & helps digest Too much of Cholestrol in the body May cause Gallstones.It can also lead to a build-up of Fat in the Arteries which may cause atheroscleRosie,a disease that stops Or slows Blood Flow. Cholestrol itself is not bad.Everyone has this & need this waxlike Substance on the body. Cholestrol is a fat or Lipid.It is also sterol from which steroid hormones are made.If Cholestrol can be held in hand We could see a waxy substance . Cholesterol is essential for the body. There two main types of Cholestrol1) HDL Cholestrol& 2)LDL Cholestrol HDL CHOLESTROL: ****************** This is known as Good cholesterol because It helps to remove bad cholesterol from body LDL CHOLESTROL *************** this is also known as bad cholesterol.This is bad because it can build up in the arteries and form Plaques. Plaques can Reduce blood flow. & by forming blocks could produce heart attacks. The best way to achieve more HDL& Less LDL is to resort to vigorous exercises & take good diet food. Smoking should be totally avoided. There're various medicines in the market which claims control over CHOLESTROL. Usually diet&Exercises can control If this is not Finding any good result ,thenalone resorting to medicines should be considered. There aresomemedicines which could produce allery . So consulting a doctor regularly is the only remedy to control CHOLESTROL. Control ofCholestrol & Blood pressure are of vital importance to maintain a healthy Heart. It is notadviceble to take any medicine one learns from hearsay & carry out your own Medication. This does more harm to your heart than help to control Cholostrol. In Kerala there are expert Doctors in the Shri Chitra Institute of Medical sciences & Technology at Thiruvananthapuram. The Amritha Institute of Medical sciences at Edappally,Kochi also has expert Doctors and Facilities to treat Heart Diseases. All the Best for a healthy heart. Sreedharan Mundanat 24th of April 2015 Sreedharan Mundanat

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  1. The vegetables and fruits shown in pictures above could help to achieve good cholesterol and fight bad cholesterol..these vegetables and fruits can be taken turn by turn according to likes and dislikes which differs from person to person