Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good old Slogan"Smoking is Injurious to Health"

It is reported that the Pioneering 30 years study Carried out by the Zurich University on the World Health Organizations four Behavioural Risk Factors conditions of Heart Disease,Cancer,Diabetes,and Chronic Respiratory Disorders broken down the effects of leading a healthy life into Numbers.The Reseachers compared the TobaCco,Fruit and Alcohol consumption as well as Physical Activity levels of 16,721people aged 16 to 90 from 1997 to1993 and studied the Impact of their Lifestyles on participant death rates unto 2008. There was no surprise at all in finding that Cigerettes had a detrimental effect on Normality Rates,with Smokers having 57% dying prematurely.Also an unhealthy Diet,insufficient Physical Activity Alcohol abuse each result in an Elevated Mortality Risk around 15 percent. When all the Four Risk Factors were combined,the prospects of an early Death increased dramatically and Drastcally. For example,the Probability of a 75 year old manwith all risk factors surviving the next10 years was 35 percent. Without the Risk Factors,there is a 67% chance he will live for another 10 Years. For Women,these percentages are 47&74 respectively. Poor Life Style Choices,however,had little effect on Death rates until people made it to the 65 to 75 Age Bracket, when the death rates of the Smokers,Physically Unfit& people with poor Diets started to rise dramatically said Dr.Brian Martin who was the Leader of the Research group. This Blog is in the interest of Tobacco awareness& other Risk factors mentioned above for the benefit of those who are desirous of Leading a Healthy lifebwithout becoming the Victims of Tobacco and other wrong beauty conditions. SreedharanMundanat, 25 th July,2014, 0-6-33AM(IST)

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