Friday, July 25, 2014

Ancester Shephered Mani from Nelliampathy.

Can one imagine about a Monkey working as a shephered of Goats ?Yes this is i for real! In Nelliampathy ,Kerala ,a monkey named Maniis controlling about Hundred Goats He can make the Goats turn left or right(the direction not Politics of Kerala) by tugging gently at their ear.Mani would also attack if any ventures any mischief against the Goats. Mani &his goats are mutually understanding and obliging nature. There is a story behind this Novel Shephered Mani. He was once traced by P.J.Martin,manager of Greenland Farm House.This happened 3 years ago when Martin got him bleeding from an Injury lying helpless in ythe Jungle.Martin gave medical treatment by applying medicines & when fukky recovered left him along with the Goats.Tobe precis ,he was appointed as the Shephered of the Goats.He did his job well if not better than a man. He is still managing this .He even eats his food sitting on one of the Goats turn by turns. The tourists coming to Nelliampathy are being entertained by the smartness of the Novel shephered. He protects the Goats better than a man can do. Martin is thus benefitted from the free services from Mani whom he looks after nicely with food and any other requirement of his shephered.He can be trusted with confidence The amusing nature of the Monkey attracted me &hence this humble Blog. SreedharanMundanat Saturday,26th of July 2014 8-05AM(IST)