Monday, April 9, 2018

The curse of thea Lift-A short story

In a small City of India,one of the best medical colges with Hospital is functioning with high rankings and honours together with total faith from Public.The Doctors in the Hospital were highly experienced in alldepartments.They were immensely in close harmony with the patients and extremely devoted to their job .As a resultof this attitude towards their profession ,the patients were largely benefitted .The Doctors and staff showed Genuine sympathy and love to the patients. The general public were aware of this reputation of the Doctors and staff and were very happy to give recommendations to their friends and relations.So along with reputation the number of patients who took treatment in the hospital also increased manyfold. Unfortunately enough the election to the State Assembly was due and announced by the Election commission of India.As a mandatory provision of the constitution every citizen was to maintain discipline and decurrum during the election time.All of a sudden the dates of election was also announced by the election commission.The day of Election arrived and surprisingly there was high percentage of polling in every constituencies.This was claimed as a favouring feature for the then opposition while the ruling party also claimed it was helpful to them.some of the opposition members were of the opinion that there was no need for any speculation as the result was to be announced in two days time And finally arrived the day of counting.All irrespective of ruling party or opposition parties were glued to the Television sets with their breathing fluctuating from time to time as the progress was neck to neck giving hopes and soon after disturbingthoughts.However everyone waited with hopes upon hopes And finally the moments of overwhelming joy prevailed the opposition with an absolute majority over 20 seats ahead of the ruling party. The Chief Minister tenderedhisresignation to the Governor who accepted it. Thereafter it was all matters of formality to form a Government with the opposition leader as CM and many trusted and experienced as Ministers among which many youngsters also found place.Thus a stable Government assumed charge with the promise of a Government without an element of corruption . Days passed by happily and without any controversial happenings. The Government functioned nicely for some time .People gradually Started liking the methods of the welfare measures implemented However the first instance of personal favour happened in He Department of Health where a few people were appointed according to the wish of the minister for health.A few lift operators were appointed in Hospitals under the control of Ministry of Health. The popular hospital mentioned above was one of them. As the fate Is to be the Generator operator for lift cum lift operator had to go on urgent leave due to the illness of his wife. He temporarily entrusted the work relating to lift to his newly appointed lift cum generator operator with instructions and left the station. The same day happened to a fateful day for the children of Doctors and staff of the Hospital. The school going children who were returning home entere a lift.There were 10 children and 6 parents in the lift climbing to the 4th floor when the power went off and the lift stopped .The generator was to be operated soon after the lift stopped.The new operator who was not experienced enough tried to operate the Generator but was not successful to start it.As a result the children and parents in the lift began suffocating.The power also did not come back .this deteriorated the situation.Everyone in the lift started crying in panic. Their crying and shouting fell in deaf ears as there were no one in the area as all were busy elsewhere. The situation became serious as children began to feel unconsciousness.However there was no sign of the Generator beginning to work. Help was sought for from outside and a few experts arrived and began to repair the Generator.after around half hour the lift started to climb to the fourth floor,When it arrived and stopped people outside opened the door of the lift to find all the occupants were lying down in the lift unconscious. They were immediately taken to the hospital and admitted for treatment.4 children ,However could not be resqued inspite of treatment and the day turned into a tragic day.The four children were of the Doctors working in the Hospital. The agony of the Doctors and Staff was beyond explanation. The Government ordered an enquiry into the incident.The Chief Minister announced the resignation of his Government and recommended early election instead of yet another Ministry.As there was just about three months left for the election in normal course ,the Governor accepted the recommendation of The Chief Minister and repotted to the central Government. Thus a hospital which was functioning so well with high reputation,had to accept their failure for the first time in it's history .All due a wrong course of action to appoint new operators without looking into their qualification and experience to serve in the post. (This is not a true story just out of imagination.but the lift stopping to power failure is a usual incident when people used to become panic.) SreedharanMundanat 9th of April 2018 Thrissur

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