Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sandwiches-Vegeterian and Nonvegetarian

Sandwiches as it's name suggests is something squeezed between two substances.Here what we are going to discuss is a good item using 2 slices of bread or bun squeezing in between some vegetarian or nonvegetarian eatable mix is squeezed to make it ready to eat.The quickness to make and easier to eat even while working are the factors made it so popular all over the world. In India this fast-food item was introduced by the original colonial rulers from Britain(UK)& the Portuguese outfits. In fact the name Sandwich belongs to as early as in 1780-92 and can be dedicated to John Montagu in Kent,UK who first preferred to eat it in its original form which was not much different from the present form. In India ,the most popular form is the then Bombay version(now Mumbai Sarkee) has presumably come from South American origin potato first cultivated by the Portuguese along the Indian West coast and introduced by the British to Kolkatta(the then Calcutta) in the 18th Century as the root Corp by name alu.The Portuguese called it batata.They are also credited with introducing "pao"or what we call bun into India.Sliced and packaged bread has a more recent history of 1928.This version was called "double roti"by Hindi/urduspeaking people presumably due to using of two slices of the bread to squeeze the potato and other components in between.Later on this was also called fondly in Mumbai as "Vada Pav"This is so popular in Mumbai now that it is being served in the 5 star hotels prepared neatly in their kitchen.The popularity for Vada Pav is because it is so tasty to eat and help to escape from hunger easily.Not hard to make and no much time required have made it in every household of Mumbai.There is even a saying in Mumbai that there is no food without potato and Onion.This could be the reason these two items are available in any Mumbai market .The popularity and demand also made it a dear stuff in market the price of which in seasons increases astronomically.The Onion especially the bigger size is a commodity that bring water in to the eyes of Housewives and also theGovernment almost every year sometimes or other. The Britishers used sandwich a fast food so that they could use as food even while gambling in casinos without allotting any extra time to eat.It used to go along with gambling.This had double benefit also,It can save time and the other it can give more energy to gamble.This was very much suiting them who had plenty of money and no much other works to do. In America Sandwich helped people working in different places to have food fast without disturbing their workload to find target.Later on it had become a habit with IT employees for the same reason that they could cope up with their targeted works without need to find extra time for food and also served as an energy source to apply during work.Thus the popularity of Sandwich grew so rapidly that the Executives like CEO enjoyed Sandwich while they were very busy with their work. In India again as the popularity increased different varieties were also began to come into existence proving the proverb that necessity is the mother of invention. The various varieties arrived for use in households and working places were in brief are Pav bhaji,delicious and greasy bread OMlette,Tomato Omlette and many more like Musk's Sandwich{Buttersandwich} Omlettes are often a cheap way to add protein in the diet.Made out of neatly and artistically chopped Onions,coriander leaves,green chillies together with little bit of turmeric and salt is a special variety of sandwich squeezed between 2 pieces of bread.The taste and pleasure of eating is enhanced when Tomato ketchup is also used. As far as non vegetarian sandwiches are concerned ,other than Egg sandwich there are many varieties like Chicken Sandwich,Mutton Sandwich and many more.All are like the easily made categories.Accordingvto choices various supporting chutney can be found besides enormous number of Sauses. In Vegetarian ,however,there is a special chutney to go with which is very tasty. The chutney Sandwich in fact is a discovery by clever Housewives to make the kids to eat before they start for school.The taste and convenience to eat made children also favourites of Chutney was also an easy way to get children accustomed to vegetables from their habit of going after chocolates and fried stuff like Lays etc. The ingredients and the preparation of Chutney is briefly as under: Plenty of coriander leaves and Mint leaves are mixed and grinded .To have a thickening base blending of slices of bread with coriander leaves ,Spinach,green chillies and lemon juice to get a thick sause.These are suggestions.But one can take into consideration the taste of their children to change the process.Boiled chickpeas can also be tried. Children are generally fond of various kinds of Sauses in the market with different flavours.These also can be used for eating sandwiches .Spreading the coriander mint chutney ,however adds to the taste of the is enough if you spread chutny on one side of each bread slice used to make Sandwich. Sandwich is a great Dish for any occasion.Nowadays changes are rapidly taking place in all matters including eating .New norms are found even in the method of worshipping God with latest trend of trained Poojaris. So why don't you try a new system of introducing Sandwich on a VISHU day at least for evening snack if not during full meals feast.According to Hindus if you eat a tasty Sandwich on a VISHU day God Almighty would help you to have good meals everyday of the year.
Wish everyone a very Happy,prosperous and HealthyVISHU 2018 SreedharanMundanat 14th of April 2018


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