Monday, February 26, 2018


The IPL schedule has since been announced by BCCI.The 11th season of IPL the mega event in Cricket in India will have 51 matches to be played across in 9 Cities of India.As usual,the IPL 2018 would begin with a match in volved with Defending Champion Mumbai Indians.The opponent is Chennai Super Kings (CSK) who are returning to the tournament after a 3 year suspension.This match is on Saturday the 7th April 2018.The final of IPL 2018 is scheduled to be held in Wankhede Stadium on May 27 2018.This season would also witness the exit of teams Rising Pune Giants & Gujrat Lions .In their places,the suspended teams for two years Rajastan Royals and Chennai Super Kings will find places. However, the IPL season 11 will have 12 matches played vat 4-00 PM and 48 matches at 8-00 PM.The tournament will have the same format as before with top 4 teams playing Play OffS after playing seven league matches each.Then The Play offs will have qualifier 1,Eliminator ,Qualifier2 and the Final. Now is the time to assess the batting potential of the teams.everyone has their personal choices to assess. My personal choice is based purely on the batsmen and all rounder.. I opt for batsmen first and ,all rounder and bowlers later.My favorite batsmen of previous seasons were Yuvraj Singh,Chris Gail,K.L.Rahul,Aaron Finch as bats men and all rounder R.Aswin ( also a favourite bowlr). This being so and all these players happened to be in Punjab Eleven .R.Aswin is statedvto be the captain of Punjab eleven So I wish all success for the players mentioned above .The team is, therefore, Punjab Eleven to lift the cup. Sreedharan Mundanat 27th February 2018


  1. The mention of 3.year suspension in line 4 of the blogbmay kindlybbe read as 2year suspension correctly.
    The error occurred is deeply regretted.To err is human..This wasban error in typing.

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