Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Guruvayur Temple

Guruvayur Temple and Thirupathy Temple are the two most visited Temples in South India by Devotees,They are the rich Temples also in India.

There are many stories about the Guruvayur Temple..Guruvayur Temple is more popularly known among Devotees as "World Vaikunddham"

One special feature about this Temple is the punctuality and orderly behaviour of various Poojas performed here.
It is believed that the system of Poojas established by Shri Sankaracharya 1200 Years back is still being followed here.Shri Sankaracharya is believed to be the Avatar of Lord Mahadeva( Shiva)

He with the Yogasiddhi he possessed had the power to travel by air also.Once he was travelling by air to Shringeri.When he arrived over Guruvayur Temple it was the exact time when the Shiveli procession was being held at the Temple.Everyone passing through or coming near Guruvayur at the time of Shiveli used to stop and pay respect to Guruvayurappan with folded hands invariably without fail.There are Shiveli thrice every day in the morning,evening and night
Perhaps ,being a Devotees of Shiva,Sankaracharya did not pay due respect to Guruvayurappan.This was considered by Guruvayurappan as impertinence on the part of Shri Sankaracharya.So Guruvayurappan temporarily removed the yoga siddhi from Shri Sankaracharya.No sooner did the Siddhi removed from him Sankaracharya fell down to the Earth.He fell in front of Guruvayurappan in the Northern Nada where the procession had reached.Sankaracharya at once realised his mistake and lying there itself wroteGovindashtakamand recited in front of Bhagavan begging for Pardon for his mistake.
As a compensation for this mistake Sankaracharya decided to perform Bhajan for a mandalam in the Guruvayur Temple.During this period of Bhajan Shri Sankaracharya revised the Pooja system by including Ekadasi in it suitably.Thereafter this revised system Is being followed in the Temple even today.
The spot where Sankaracharya fell is marked by making a hole over the shivelippura.At the same spot there is a statue of Sankaracharya.Even today when the Shiveli reaches Northern Nada ,the melam accompanied is stopped for a moment to remember Shri Sankaracharya.During Utsava season sri Guruvayurappan gives Darshan to Devotees at this spot.This spot is considered to be most ideal place to have Darshan of Bhagavan by is also believed to be highest boon to have Darshan of Bhagavan at Northern Nada where Sankaracharya fell.

Krishnanattam kali an offering to Bhagavan is also performed at the Eastern Nada..People perform Sashtanga namaskar at the Northern Nada.
listening to the divine stories of Bhagavan is an unending process.
                                    Ohm Namo Narayanaya Namaha!
                                       Sreedharan Mundanat &Geeta Sreedharan


  1. In the last paragraph of this blog the mention of Eastern nada may please be corrected and read as Northern Nada.
    The error is deeply regretted

  2. No wonder, the temple still stands as one among the tallest ones of the kind in the world. The rampant and ugly political activism has not ruined the spiritual beauty enveloping the whole temple system. The temple is a source of hope for the suffering souls walking on the earth. Good blog that throws light on some not so widely known mystic anecdotes.

  3. Now the Politicians and leaders have formed new ideas.Pinarayi said the administration of Shri Padmanabhaswamy also should be the same way as in GVR by allowing state Government to take over the Great Temple at TVM.
    Obviously the treasure in the Temple is in the mind of the Leader.But justvdreamscwould never turn into realitybas Hindutva regime too have eyes on it.

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