Monday, January 30, 2017

New birds detected in Western Ghats - Waysnad

The image above and the new Vultures and other birds found in the Wayanad area are for real
Comtinous research is being conducted in Western Ghats to find  nee species and existing species but expecting their end.
As is obvious from the report in the  image uploaded above thre vultures shown therein are new species which had not been found earlier.
Thrte are many species new and those fscing threat to their end
Westrn Ghats is a gateway for conducting resesrch on Climate change to study the impact of rain and general nature of environment.
However thr reports from experts are being ignored for a fee commercial gain by unscrupulous diggers of the mountains searching for rich soil
The Government is issing warning to ensure safety of Western Ghats
In fact this year thrre is scarcity of rain and Global Temperature is also in the process of rising which would lead to Draught.
Every year every place in an
Nd around Wedtern Ghats duffer from either draugjt or flood.
Because of THREAT TO THER NATURE EVEN Earthquakes are taking place.
The topic of environment is being ignore by every agenvcies who are supposed to safegusd the Gjsts.
THR ATTENTION OF state and Central Government should turn inyo tjis mayter urgently taking into account the value for the life of Humanity
    Sreedharan Mundanat
     TUESDAY THE 31st of Jan30 2017
       At Kochi

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