Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The story of an Amazing ChiefMinister & Amazing Flyover in Delhi

Ly over

Smt Shiela Dixit in 2013 planned and envisaged a project of a Fly over in Delhi called Azadpur- Prembari Pul elevated corridor. There are many chief Ministers in the past who claimed credit for a project completed during their tenure even if it was initiated by some one else.The present case of the Fly over is not such a one.Although Smt Shiela ceased to be a CM after a tenure of 15 years Glorious period of ruling the Capital of India,yet she got full credit of the Amazing Fly over envisaged by her at an estimated cost of Rs 247crores.The main advantage of this Flyover when planned was that it could decongest to the extent of 1.6 KM of The areas of Ashok Vihar,Shalimar Bagh & Vazirpur to allow unhindered flow of Traffic along the entire 44 KM Ring Road. But unfortunately,Smt Shiela Dixit could not witness the completion of the project in October 2015(surprisingly within 2 years)as she happneed to be out of Office at the time of Completion. Amazingly,Shri Kejriwal ,who was the CM when completed gave full credit to Shiela Dixit saying that the entire credit goes to Smt Dixit who anticipated the benefit of such a fly- over and initiated in 2013.He also said that he could complete the project at a lesser cost of Rs147 crores as against the estimated cost of 247 Crores.The Union Minister for Science ,Technology and health Sciences also praised Smt Dixit for her glorious pet project.He also said that the Political rivalry should be kept out of Development while the Delhi CM said he had never has apron etc completed at a lesser cost than envisaged. This kind of attitude very rarely surfaces which revealed the quality of individuals in praising the opponents in Politics. Similarly ,there are some Amazing Qualities for the project also. They are according to the PWD officials of Delhi are that with the introduction of the Fly - Over 7665 KMs of Fuel can be saved every year. Besides,an individual travelling on the fly-Over could save 12 minutes each to and fro which would save 15,000 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Emission from Vehicles by reducing the quantities emitted Annualy. This Amazing savings of Fuel and CO2 belongs to Amazing former Chief Minister of Delhi. It is high time the full powers of the Delhi administration including the Police Department should be awarded to the Elected Government of the State of Delhi if necessary by Amending the Constitution of India. ( Apart from the comments contained in the concluding sentence the courtesy belongs to Media & &Hindustan Times of Delhi) Sreedharan Mundanat April 20th 2016 5-30 AM( IST)

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  1. In line 12 from bottom,the words "has apron etc" may kindly be read correctly as "seen a project".the prediction error is deeply regretted
    Sreedharan Mundanat