Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Similarity in ABBREVATION

Recently ,Kerala along with seven other states has launchedthe second phase of In activated Polio Vaccine(IPV)under routine Immunisation programmeAccordingly with effect from 1/4/2016 infants aged 14 weeks and above are being given a dose ofIPV under routine immunisation schedule along with 3 doses of OralPolio Vaccine(OPV) in the primaryvaccination series in the statesKerala,Orissa,Andhrapradesh,Telengana,Karnataka,Tamil Naadu,Pondichery,and Maharashtra. IPV was introduced in India underRoutine Immunisation on November 30 2015.The expanded version of immunisation are clealy understandable. In India one could find many similar Abbreviations with different meanings.For example Kerala Gramin Bank(KGB).All may be knowing about KGB a secret Russian organisation of yesteryear. So coming to the point in question,similar single abbreviations of of two different organisations is not uncommon. Now, again there are two Petrol Boats in the Coast Guard Organisation (sometimes considered as a part of Navy,though different) calle IPVs and OPVs which indicates Inshore Petrol Vessels &Offshore Petrol Vessels. It is ,perhaps these alone are similar pair of Abbreviations in two different Government Organisations .Striking similarity is that both the organisations have adopted pairs of Abbreviations for same function Viz Redistance RESISTANCE IN HUMAN BODY & RESISTANCE ON4 INTRUDING FOREIGN VESSELS. AS this is first time pair of similar Abbreviations usefd in difference organisations noticed. This might produce confusion as well as a room for legal dispute in matters relating to cases in courts by interpreting by expert advocates to get advantage for their clients. A glaring example is the use of the word "Sumbhan" by interpreting it in different ways by a political offender in the case of a issue in court of Law relating to abusing Court. This kind of pairs of abbreviations in the Central Government Organisation can easily be avoided had there been proper coordination between Departments of different Ministries .Here they are Health Ministry and Defence Ministry. Although there is no immediate effect on these Ministries,one can not categorically deny the possibiloties of3 clash by ruling out it casually. Sreedharan Mundanat 5th April 2016 16-44 Hrs(IST)

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