Tuesday, July 21, 2015

White Veggies

This Blog is basically indebted to Katherine Brooking,M.s,RD from Columbia University and is an expert Nutrition expert. Bright colored Fruits and Vegetables are generally considered as possessing nutrients and disease- fighting antioxidants which help reduce the risk of Heart diseases and certain Cancers.This does not mean that white Vegetables are less in nutrient values.An advanced study on Nutrients shows that they contain many beneficial & essential Nutrients like VitaminC,Fiber,Potassiun,VitaminD and Calcium.These are not necessarily color associated or color oriented. Here are 4 such white vegetables which could be usefully and wisely added to the Family menu of Veggies. 1)POTATOES: Potatoes are very often mistaken to be a vegetarian junk food - empty calorie Carbohydrate.This assumption is wrong. In fact,Potatoes are Energy- Boosting Nutritional substance.A medium Potato has nearly half ofdaily Vitamin C needs and Potasium than a Banana of 620mg just in 110 calories.The Potassium content makes Potato Hearty healthy diet. Thus ,Recent Research confirms Potato an ideal For reducing Blood pressure because of high presence of Potassium and low in Sodium contents.This also helps to avoid strokes. steamed,baked,Smashed or roasted Potatoes are excellent excellent addition to any meal. 2)CAULIFLOWER: For about 25 calories per cup,Cauliflower is an excellent source of VitaminC&K besides Fiber.It also provides calcium,Potassium,magnesium & Vitamin B.Cauliflower and similar Green leaf vegetables ,according to Researches carried out point out they contain anteoxidants which help fend offChronic diseases,certain kinds of Cancers and Temper chronic inflammation.. 3)ONIONS: There is a very popular saying in Bombay that there is no food without Potatoes and Onions.This is true in respect of most of the vegetarian Dishes that are found in Bombay.In any kind of Vegetarian Meals in Bombay Potatoes or Onion are found in one form or other.Onion has also earned a name that it is the healthiest food of the World. With the help of certain Chemicals produced by plants ,onions are rich in Nutrients.Onions are high in VitaminC Dietary fiber,and Folic Acid.Onions also are rich in Calcium and Iron.One special feature about Onion is that it Contains Quercetins( a plant pigment found in many fruits and vegetables) which is very rich in Red Onions and help protect Cataracts,cardiovascular diseases and certain types of Cancer. The peculiarity about onion is that It is a tasty addition virtually to any kind of Cuisines.No wonder why Bo baited add Onion to almost all dishes they prepare. 4)MUSHROOMS:
The picture above is called Maitake Mushrooms. The Mushrooms are the only natural resources of Vitamin D.as in the case of our skin which can make Vitamin D from Ultraviolet rays of the Sun,the Mushrooms can also make vitamin D just by exposure to Sunlight.In fact serving of Mushroom known as Maitake Mushrooms can Get all the Vitamin D requires for a day.mushroom also contain VitaminB All the above mentioned are results of research and dependable in all respects.But every individual has own constitution which dictate terms to them.One should know their body from experience as to which food does suit them and which doesn't.Those who are suspicious of the nature of their body and are reluctant to follow general belief and scientific results should always consult their trusted Doctor .After all, belief is above all in regard to selection of Food,Cloth and Shelter. SreedharanMundanat 21st July 2015


  1. In this Blog just above " Mushroms" in the last line under "Onions" please read the words"Bo baited" correctly as " Bombaites"
    Inconvenience caused is regretted.

  2. Hi Dad, Good info on white veggies. I had heard of Shitake mushroom. Good to know about Maitake mushrooms!....have you ever had mushrooms yourself? If not, why?

  3. Yes I have tasted Mushroom curry on several occasions I liked it.But now I hear that the Mushrooms available in Kerala markets are poisoned varieties.so hereafter no plan to have Mushroom from Kerala hotels at EKM like Dwaraka Hotel at M.G.Road ,EKM near Sotheby's Jose Junction.