Friday, July 17, 2015

A Tribute to Omer Sherrif -A Great Actor of Movies

I am not a regular visitor to English movies nowadays.But I was during my Bombay days.there was one movie House called Aurora cinema near to the place where I was residing .In this movie house tickets used to be available without reservation for the late night shows especially for English those days it was very difficult to to visit a movie house without reservations.TV& U tube were not popular those days.U-Tube was not even introduced. My most favourite film those days was" Mackenna's Gold" starring Gregory Peck and Omer Sharif.The other favorite films were Arizona'Colt,Kill them all and come back alone,Dr.Zhivago,Lawrence of Arabia and many more.out of the above ,Mackenna's Gold,Dr.Zhivago,and Lawrence of Arabia were movies in which The famous actor Omer Sharif ,who passed away recently had outstanding roles to play. Although, Lawrence of Arabia and Dr.Zhivago were the most acclaimed and award winning movies for Omer sharif which in fact established his name in movie Industry,my favorite was Mackenna's Gold which had many thrilling sequences and scenes.inspite of GregoryPeck being the hero of the film and the story the role of Omersharif and the style of his speaking English were more attractive and mind catching than Gregory Peck.The film had many scenes of horse rides and chasing which I am not sure which later on had anything to do with the style of Amitab Bachan,Dharmendra and Sanjivkumar in the famous film of Hindi viz SHOLE. OMER SHARIF recently died of Heart attack in a hospital in Cairo.He was 83.his co- Actress Hammama whom he had married also died few days back.He has a son who acted as a child artist in the movie Dr.Zhivago representing Dr.Zhivago as a child.He is from Egypt converted into Islam after marriage.he was a graduate from Cairo University in Mathematics and Physics. May his soul rest in eternal peace. SreedharanMundanat