Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mahakshetram-Sree Guruvayoorappan Temple

This is in continuation of my Blog on Guruvayoor Temple dt27/28th of July 2014 As a part of Renovation to the Great Temple of Guruvayoor ,the abode of Sree Guruvayoorappan,105 year old Deepastambham which used to make the east Gopuram Glowing in it's light is now being re established with more glow. The Deepastambham which can hold to glow 327 cotton "Thiris" is very famous since a long time. Now this Deepastambham will have a new look & would give a facelift to the entrance of Guruvayoor Temple. The inauguration of the new Deepastambham is scheduled to take place in the morning hours of Friday,the 8th of August 2014. Devotees would be delighted to know this during this Ramayanapunyamasam of July- August. Sreeguruvayoorappan Sahayam!! Sreedharan Mundanat 8th August 2014, 08-15 AM(IST)

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