Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ante Oxidants- Need to include in Food

Anteoxidants is a very important factorthat protect the body of human beings from damages caused by harmful molecules called Free Radicals.Many experts in the Medical field believe thayt this damage is a factor in the developmentsosc of Blood Vessels diseases(Atherosclerosis),Cancer,and other conditions. One is exposed to Free Radicals: 1)Through by-products of normal processes that takes place in your body(such as burning of sugars for energy and the releases of digestiveenzymes to break down foods) 2)when the breaks down certain medicines and 3)Through Pollutants. Anteoxidants include some vitamins(Such as VitaminsC&E),someminerals(Such as selenium),and Flavvonopds,which are found in plants.The Best sources of Anteoxidants areFruits&Vegetables.One can find Flavonoids in Fruits,red wine,&teas.One can also buy Anteoxidant Supplements.But if affordable with availability of Fruits &Vegetables it is adviceable not to depend upon Supplements. The Best sources of Ante MOxidants are Cheerra,Muringayila &almost all leaf vegetables&Frupts ogf the category of Apples,Plums & berries.All Berries&Plums are rich sources of Anteoxidants. One Study also showed that Using Vitamin A,Eand beta Carotene supplements might increase the risk of premature death.So usage of Vitamin Tablets as a source of energy in a routine manner without advice from a Doctor is harmful to health.Further study is being carried out to Determine the effect of Vitamin C,and Selenium. It is always Best to get antioxidants from healthy diets consisting of Fruits& Vegetables. Again Muringayila,Muringakkaya,Muringappuvu are the best source of Anteoxidants. It highly advice able to include MURINGA products in the daily routine of Food Habit. Anteoxidants are used to treat some disorders like Coronary Artery Disease(CAD),Some Cancers,Macular degeneration,Alzheimer's The treatment of CAD with Anteoxidant supplements & traditional Medicines are being made subject to research even today.Some experts believe that the Anteoxidants might help treatment for CAD .But this has not been proved as yet. Until more studies are carried out ,it is better to get antioxidants from diet like Fruit& Vegetables rather than from Supplements.Taking Supplements in high doses can be Harmful.No single Anteoxidant alone can protect the body.Most of the people should eat 5 to 9 servings of fruits& Vegetables every day. The USFood and Drug Administration ( FDA) Does regulate Dietary Supplemetaries.However,it treats them like food rather than Medications.Unlike Drug manufacturers ,The makers of Supplements Do not have to show their products are safe or effective before selling in the open Markets. It is always better to tell one's Doctor If one is using dietary supplements With one's conventional medical Treatment.It may not be safe to forgo one's Conventional medical treatment and rely on a Dietary Supplement.This is especially important for women who are pregnant or doing the Breast feeding. In the cases where supplementary diets are being used for treatment,the following should be kept in mind. 1)Like conventional Medicines,dietary Supplements may cause side effects,trigger allergic Reactions,Or interact with Prescriptions& & nonprescription medicinesOr other supplements one is taking.A side effect or other interaction with another medicineor supplement may make one's health worse. 2) How dietary Supplements are being manufactured may not be Standerised.Because of this how well they work or any side effect they cause may differ among brandsor even with different lots of the same Brand.The form of a supplement that one buy In health food or grocery Stores may not be the same as The form used in research. 3) Other than Vitamins and MineralsThe long term effects of The Dietary supplements are not known. So in future include as much Fruits& Vegetables in your day to day food so that one could Avail of the benefits of Anteoxidants to the maximum value. The following are some of the rich sources of Natural Small red bean,Wild Bluberry,Red Kidney bean dried,Pinto bean,Blueberry( cultivated),Cranberry,Artichoke(cooked),Blackberry,Prune,Raspberry,Strawberry,Red Delicious Apple,Granny Smith Apple,Pecan,Sweet Cherry,Black plum,Russet poteto cocked,Black bean dried,plum& Gala Apple. Please don't ever forget MURINGA Products& Cheera of all varieties to be included in the diet on a regular habit SreedharanMundanat 11th August 2014, 09-27 AM( IST)

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