Sunday, June 10, 2018

Clay court King Rafael Nadal

10th of June 2018,perhaps ,most important and happiest day for Raefel Nadal of Spain as he has created yet another history in Lawn Tennisin Clay court winning it 11the time. His seniorand close friend Roger Federer had won in French Open only once in 2009.Butvat the same time he has in total 20:grand slams.He is elder to Nadal by 4 years which means Nadal has plenty of time and opportunity to reach Federer's figures of 20 grandsons if not overtaking it. Last night he had beaten Dominic Thiem an Austrian rival in straight sets 6-4,6-3&6-2. In fact Domenico Thiem had defeated Nadal recently in Rome and Mardrid open.But they were 3sets game & not 5 .That was the only difference.Here also last night it looked as if Thiem could take the first set.Nadal had to struggle in the first set. AAaANy way all is well and ended well for Nadal.Hecwas at the verge of breaking into tears at the victory stand conquered by emotional upheaval. Federer ,in fact,when he won his last match ,the 20th began virtually crying with tears all over his face. Federer,however did not take part by slipping French open certainly not to avoid Nadal but with a view to recouping his form for his most favourite Wimbledon next month.He has won 8 titles in Wimbledon out of his 20 titles. Rafael Nadal on the other hand has no ambition of overtaking the The ,20 titles of Federer .He has already 17 titles including the latest French Open and in all probability might overtake Roger as he is only 32 year old now. But according to his own words it is not one of his Ambitions. In Wimbledon this year there is every possibility of tuff fights among youngsters.the Two seniors Federer and Nadal are,however,likely to come face to face in Wimbledon .The draw will almost make sure whether they meet in final or earlier. His yesterday night(10thJune2018 night)opponent is just 24 year old and was reaching the final of French Open for first time and was confident of winning. Although he lost to the immense clay court experience of Nadal,he is likely to make many more finals in French open as was evident the way he played.The straight sets win of Nadal does not diminish the capability of Them in any way. he played Superior game against Rafael Nadal making him sweat enormously to seal the match. Domenic Thiem had his debut in 2014 when he lost to Nadal.Again in last year's semi final he lost to Nadal.This year he lost in Final.So his experience gathered with Rafael Nadal alone is enough for him to win many Grand slams in future including French Open. Here too Nadal who is generally a player who is affected by injuries in the middle of a match,had such a suspicion staged towards the end although he survived it successfully. Let us wish both Nadal and Thiem many more successes in Lawn Tennis in future SreedharanMundanat 11th June 2014


  1. In this blog there a a typing error.In line 12 please read "Grandslam" instead of " Grandsons"
    The error occured is deeply regretted

  2. Toger Federer had recently won a tournament and regained his World number one rank from Rafel Nadal before appearing in the fast approaching Wimbledon 2018.
    But as luck playing it's part in turn has helped Rafael Nadal once again regaining his world number one Rank from Federer when a youngster yesterday(24t of June 2018) had beaten Federer in the Halle open final in Germany.He is Coric who was winning his first Grass court title beating the Grass court specialist Federer in a surprising straight set win @7-6,6-3,6-2.
    Now ,Rafael Nadal if he is playing in Wimbledon 2018 it would be as World number one, a prestegeous event of his carrier.