Monday, May 21, 2018

Until next week Australian Open Rafael Nadal number one.

The loss of Mardrid open QF to Theim speller disaster to Nadal as he kvlost number one ranking to Roger Federer who did not even lift the racket to regain number one ranking. Totally upset by this,Raf decided to make yet another effort to take back the title from Federer. For this he worked hard to beat experts like Monfil,Djokowic,Zverve to win the Italian open title successfully.And he is number one again now.The next week is Australian open scheduled for every one to see how successful they are in restricting Nadal from winning it. Many times Rafael Nadal had won Australian Open. So once again it does not look like a luxury if he wins it. And if he win he would be much ahead in points and could hold number one ranking for longer time to come. SreedharanMundanat 21st May 2018

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  1. The word Australian Open ma6 kidly be replaced by "FRENCH OPEN"in the Blo
    Eroorvoccurred is deeply regretted.
    Sorry please
    Sreedharan Mundanat