Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thiruvarppu Temple ,Kottayam-A unique Temple in India which opens at 2-00 AM

Kerala ,in India is as much famous as Tamil Naadu for the number of Temples she has.Every where one can witness a Temple either big or very small just with an idol under a tree..This is an indication of the fact how much Keralites are God fearing in spite of the state having been ruled by Marxist Party which until recently had no faith or respect for Temples. THERE IS ONE Unique SreeKrishna Temple With name Thiruvarppu Temple 6 KM away from Kottayan on the bank of Meenachil River.This Temple is unique in many respects.This famous Temple is understood to be more than 1500 years old.There are many legends about this Temple.Vaarppu means the cast the Smith used to make bell metal vessels and idols. one of the legends is related to epic Mahabharata.It is said that while the Pandavas were in exile for 14 years they were staying in a forest unknown to the outside world.Lord Krishna gave them his statue with four hands to worship daily.When Pandavas finished their stay in hiding in the forest and were about to return ,the local people requested them to give the idol for them to worship.Pandavas had to oblige the people.They are said to bepeople of Cherthala( Sherthalai).After a long time, reasons unknown, the people were unable to continue with the worship and had to drop the idol into the sea. After many years one Great Sage ( Some say it was Villwamangalam Swamiyar and others say it was Padmapadacharya) was travelling by the sea when the sea got rough and immobile.The Sage got out of the boat to find the reason .The " portion the sage tepped upon became dry and they located the lost idol of Krshna.This divine Sage took the idol with him Though he wanted to travel west,the boat and waves took him east by Kunnam and Pallikkara and reached the present spot of the Temple. The holy sage got down there to find a Sastha Temple without the idol of he decided to offer the Idol to the Sastha Temple to establish it there.Thus the idol found a place where people stsrted worshipping again.This Temple later on became famous and was called Thiruvarppu Temple. The process of Pooja and offerings and daily routine in this Great Temple is totally different from other Temples entitling it with special Status as compared to other Temples. The best status afforded to it by the faithful followers of God is that it is the only Temple which Opens as early as 2-00 AM everyday. Many people wonder whether there is any other Temple which maintains better Punctuality than Thiruvarppu SreeKrishna Temple.There are many unique methods of Pooja followed here daily. The most important custom is that the Temple should be opened for Pooja not later than 2-00 AM is said that in order to maintain this punctuality the Poojari who takes charge of the temple was given the key besides a big iron knife.This big knife is meant for breaking the lock if by any chance the lock was not opened with key.The aim is in any case the opening ceremony is never delayed.Such strict procedure is generally not found anywhere else.This too makes this Temple Unique. Another feature which proclaims the strictness to observe is the the Nivedyam( offering to the dirty) which should be done soon after the opening .In other words after opening t, 50 measures of he Temple at 2-00 AM the abhishekam ( pouring pure water or Milk from the head of the dirty) should be done to be followed by Nivedyam.The Nivedyam is a luxurious one consisting of 5 measures of Rice,5 measures of Ghee,50 measures of jaggery,5 Banana of Kadali variety&5 Coconuts all put together to make a sweet Kheer( Payasam) which is called USHAPAYASAM.This Payasam is poured on the head of the idol after abhishekam.Thris Payasam is considered as equivalent to the famous Ambalappuzha Payasam if not of better standard.if not offered to The God immediately after the Abhishekam,it is believed that the Lord Krishna would feel hungry as a result of which the ornament called " Kingini" would fall away from His body.This payasam called Ushapayasam can be kept in tact for nearly a month it is believed. Every day there would be Poojas 7 times in this Temple.Yet another unique feature! This is the only Temple where Pooja is performed even when a Solar or Lunar Eclipe is progressing. Similarly there is no other Temple where the Deeparadhana is performed even after final night Pooja called "Athazhapooja". One strange belief among devotees is really interesting.It is said the Krishnan the diety of this Temple after enjoying the Ushapayasam would proceed to Ambalapuzha by noon to enjoy the Payasam there and finally proceeds to Shri Padmanabha Swamy Temple at Trivandrum to enjoy the the Athazham ( Dinner). Next day early morning 2-00 AM Lord Krishna returns to Thiruvarppu Temple for Ushapayasam. The main festival of this Temple is held from first of the Malayalam Month Medam for 10 days.This is generally from 14th of April Lord Krishna's birthday on the Ashtami Rohini day is also celebrated here. Thus this Temple with many a Unique features should be visited by all people who are God fearing and devotees of Lord Krishna.One can reach Kottayam by Road or Rail from Ernakulam or Thiruvananthapuram. Sreedharan Mundanat 2nd May2016


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